Tonight – The Erotic Literary Salon-Live with Monica Day (Power of One Program) and the Femme-Mynistiques

Roads all clear in Center City, Philadelphia after a dusting of snow. Just enough to look like a winter wonderland and hide all the grime of the city.

So very excited about this evening’s entertainment, plus the readers of the Salon.

The Femme-Mynistiques are back with their powerful a cappella voices. Combining hip hop, tribal house, down-tempo, electronic music – and for those who don’t usually appreciate hip hop, sit back, relax and open your ears to some of the best sounds around.


Monica Day will be sharing her erotic life, fearlessly and totally uncensored for this her fourth Valentine’s presentation at the Salon. Monica is an artist, writer, performer, workshop leader and personal coach, plus the founder of The Sensual Life and the Power of One Program.

We have all experienced the power of both sharing and witnessing the intimacies of others at the Salon. People’s lives transform when they are able to share themselves in intimate ways with a room full of strangers. We have a fundamental need to be seen, and an equally strong desire to hear about the inner lives of others to validate our own experience.
Once, we sat around fires, and we shared ourselves with one another — deeply, creatively, vulnerably. It forged our ties as a family, a tribe. But today, we have made artists the keepers of our collective stories and experiences — and for many of us, it has limited our access to their power to transform and heal us.
Monica Day’s program — The Power of One — seeks to reclaim the power of expression, and return it to the source. To place the brave person willing to speak themselves into the world, onto the stage.
We have become a world of watchers. Television, movies, theater — we go, looking for ourselves in that mirror. Wanting to be moved, inspired, turned on — by the artists we employ to act out our cultural narrative.
The entertainment value may be incredible — but often, the real, raw, vulnerable truth is missing.
We have watched Monica Day explore this theme at the Salon for many years now — both in her own readings, as well as those she works with in her workshops. The Power of One is her most ambitious program yet — 5 people will take 10 months to create their own, individual, solo show, which will be professionally staged, performed, and filmed in NYC the first weekend of December.
She is currently interviewing candidates for the program, so if you are interested, contact her. We would love there to be a few local participants who might share their words with us as they develop them.
The Salon has witnessed the transformation of several participants from Monica’s previous workshops. It was awe inspiring for the attendees to watch her students evolve and grow on so many levels.
Don’t forget to come hear Monica read at the Salon tonight.


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