Today-Tuesday-Sept 15-The Erotic Literary Salon-Live, Jewish Noir

Tonight Dhami Boo will be the featured reader and lead the adult sex-ed section on Erotic Reiki. Dvora, a regular attendee of the Salon, shared this cartoon – so appropriate – a bit of BDSM.


Jewish Noir

Our own M (you know the lovely woman who greets you at the door every other month) will be reading her work, which was published in a new anthology on Jewish Noir at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco – October 15.

“M. Dante has been a popular commentator for over a decade. Dante only recently revealed her poetry and creative non-fiction at Philadelphia’s Erotic Literary Salon (ELS), Noir Con/Noir Riot, and IOTA Arlington. Her writing is darkly poetic, strikingly precise, and clear even when surreal. Often set in bleak yet familiar places, where no one is entirely good, Dante seems remarkably comfortable contemplating the everyday evils of human nature.”


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