Strip Club Booker’s More Likely to Use AOL Email Addresses: Study

In order for me to critique this study I would want to know how many email addresses each person has and with what company. Personally if I’m purchasing a product and do not want to be inundated with junk mail, I have an address I created just for this purpose. Perhaps AOL is a good junk site for emails. After reading Huffington Post article we seem to be in agreement, although perhaps for different reasons. (Article at End).

Statement from company that created the study along with info on mail iPhone users:

Looks like men have more than enough reasons to celebrate buying an iPhone. A recent study shows that iPhone users have more friends than users of other mobile devices.

In a press release by UK-based event booking agency, they announced that the biggest bachelor parties, with an average stag size of 15 plus, are usually organized by iPhone users. Users of the gadgets Samsung S2 and Google Nexus seem to like it small and simple when they gather only up to 5 people in these events.

The statistics, which have a total sample size of 97,074 people, also link email addresses used when booking with the amounts they are willing to spend for a night of fun. This revealed that men using their work emails splurge the most on a stag weekend spending on an average of £104.62 per person. Although the stingiest stags are AOL email users who have an average spend of £92.52 per person. Despite this fact, we also see on the graphic below that men using AOL email addresses show the biggest percentage of strip club bookings. Compare that to groups booking with using Gmail, Sky, personal or Hotmail email accounts, which are more likely to book pub crawls, meals out, and nightclub entry.

This technology-focused data set suggests internet browsers also have influence over packages chosen. Safari users proved to have a more adventurous streak, booking more ‘wet and wild’ packages over food and drink and ball sport activities in comparison to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users. Perhaps this clarifies why iPhone users like their parties big and wild, yes?

*More information can be found at along with the data graphics, expert anaylsis of the data and videos of the public’s reaction.

Huffington Post Article on Study

by Simon McCormack

People in the U.K. who want a strip club as part of their bachelor party experience are more likely to plunk down an AOL email address when booking the stag of their dreams, according to a new report.

A press release from the U.K.-based event booking agency, declares “groups booking with AOL email addresses are most likely to book a visit to a strip club. Whereas groups booking with email accounts from Gmail, Sky, personal or Hotmail accounts are more likely to book activities based around pub crawls, eating out and nightclub entry.”

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