SEXx Interactive, Next Tuesday-April 21 – The Erotic Literary Salon-Live

Come join me at SEXx Interactive, I shall be presenting several workshops along with many other interesting offerings.


May 8, Friday

11:21a- 11:28: What is Your Recipe For Sexual Ecstasy? 6 Word Sex Memoir (MIND)

3:45-5:15: Session D: Ageless Sex: Does Sex Have an Expiration Date? (MIND)

5:30-6:30: Session B: Everything you Wanted to Know about Women’s Orgasms, but  {had} no one to ask (MIND)

May 9, Saturday

2:30-4: Session C: Terri Clark and Susana Mayer: Touch Me…Touch Me Not: Relationships and Skin Hunger (BODY)

Next Tuesday, April 21 another live Erotic Literary Salon in Philadelphia, press release:

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