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The featured presenter at the Erotic Literary Salon on April 16th, will be Sam Rosenthal, author of “Rye” a queer erotic novel. He will also be discussing  the term ‘Queer’ followed by a Q & A. Below is an excerpt from the Chicago’s Time Out Magazine (Gay & Lesbian section) review of his new novel.

Sam Rosenthal

Remember when experimenting with your sexuality meant kissing another boy (or girl) after months (or years) of daring yourself to do it? Challenging your identity to see how open-minded you really were, to know if those homosexual or bisexual fantasies you’d secretly been having were things of substance or flights of fancy? Those days, like Crystal Pepsi, Melrose Place and the dance ballads of Jon Secada, are long behind us. They were called the ’90s.

In 2013, sexual exploration is far more than an awkward make-out session between college roommates (the kind where one is way too into it and the other is sheepishly playing along—we’ve all been there). Today, it’s more about how the individuals embrace, reject, typify or distort gender than where they might be putting their anatomy.

In his erotic novel Rye, author Sam Rosenthal delves into this gender-expanding sexploration through three primary characters: Matt, a middle-aged biological male with a heteronormative American upbringing; Rye, his elusive, biologically female but male-identifying, non-transgender long-distance lover who was primarily lesbian before meeting Matt; and Rain, the young catch-as-catch-can, gender-freewheeling biological female whose identity fluctuates with each of her and Matt’s kinky encounters. Of note: These characters are all polyamorous.

It’s a different world from where you come from.

Or is it?

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