Polyamory Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Polyamory Dating and Relating

Part of the Polyamory Educational Webinar Series:

“In polyamorous relationships we are often breaking new ground. Etiquette is not about having good table manners but about treating our partners, loves and metamors with respect and consideration. How do we bring in a new partner? How do help a new love know they are important and matter? How can we be respectful of our partners when we are enthralled in the euphoria of NRE. This webinar will ideas and potential solutions for real life situations many of us face in our everyday polyamorous relationships.”

Polyamory Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Polyamory Dating and Relating

Tomorrow: July 15 – 7PM Mountain Time

Presented by Robyn Trask and assisted by Jesus Garcia, Loving More Nonprofit

Robyn Trask

Robyn is the Executive Director of Loving More Non-Profit, a national leader for polyamory awareness, polyamory counselor, workshop facilitator and writer. Since 2004 Robyn has worked to expand media awareness of polyamory appearing in numerous articles, radio shows and TV. Robyn and Loving More were instrumental in the formation of Polyamory Leadership Network. A national speaker and advocate for polyamory she has been a speaker at conferences, taught at universities and been a featured keynote speaker. Robyn has been openly polyamorous for 23 years, raising three children in a polyamorous family. Robyn has been running polyamory support groups, teaching and facilitating relationship and sexuality workshop since 1999. In addition she counsels polyamorous individuals and families. Currently Robyn is working on two polyamory related books. Robyn’s Website

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia

Jesus Garcia is the Board President of Loving More Nonprofit, polyamory activist and leader in the community. He is a native of the San Francisco Bay area who began exploring alternatives to monogamy in 2004. In 2005 he attended his first Loving More Retreat. In September 2006 he was invited to join Loving More’s Board of Directors. He has worked at raising money for many worthy causes and continues to work tirelessly as Loving More Nonprofit’s volunteer Director of IT. Jesus has been presenting on polyamory at conferences, Universities and special events. He is a key coordinator for Loving More conferences and volunteers. In addition Jesus has worked in the computer information technology field since
1995 and is currently a senior systems administrator living in Colorado.



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