Picasso $179 million-censored by FOX News – Tomorrow The Erotic Literary Salon-Live

Celebrate the Salon’s 7th Anniversary tomorrow, May 19,  with Withering Nights, Kisses, Frances, readings, touch talk, and more.

Censorship at its worst. I can only imagine what will become of our art museums if the nude phobic people were in charge. Nudity – sex – promiscuity – oh my!


What Masterpieces of Art History Would Look Like Censored by a Local News Station By Mark Joseph Stern and Lisa Larson-Walker


“On Monday, New York City’s Fox affiliate ran a segment about the record-breaking sale of Pablo Picasso’s Les Femmes d’Alger (version O), a modern masterpiece that was auctioned off for $179.35 million (including the commission paid to Christie’s). Like many of Picasso’s paintings, the work featured some female nudity, albeit of the Cubist variety—which the station decided to censor.

Inspired by the station’s expert blurring, we (Slate) decided to see what other masterpieces of art history would look like if censored by an overzealous local news channel.”



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