Momemtum, Harvard Sex Week – Female Orgasm Seminar – Logan Levkoff – 50 Shades of Grey

Heard Logan Levkoff speak at Momemtum Sat. morning on how to handle the media, sharing some wonderful video clips of some of her finest and not so finest moments. Then she was off to Radcliffe to speak at their 8th annual Female Orgasm Seminar. She and I had a moment to commiserate about our experiences on TV regarding 50 Shades of Grey. If you didn’t read my earlier post with link to 2 minute NBCTB clip, here it is once again.!/on-air/as-seen-on/Local-Women-See-Shades-of-Grey/144314185

Memories of Boston and my days at the Boston Conservatory, we had 10:30 weekday curfews and midnight curfews on the weekend. Yes, life has changed for the better, and yet – we are still dealing with the Santorums in politics.  When will this end?

Shall blog more tomorrow about Momemtum – Sex in America conference I attended last weekend.

Below article on  Harvard’s first -ever Sex Week.

Vagina Cupcakes, Vibrators, and Orgasms, Oh My!

by D. Simone Kovacs

At Saturday night’s eighth annual Female Orgasm Seminar, guests ate cupcakes with vagina- and penis-shaped chocolates on top while learning about female sexuality from sexologist Logan Levkoff.

Students lined up an hour in advance to get a seat in the packed Science Center lecture hall for the event, sponsored by the Radcliffe Union of Students. As guests filed into the room, board members of Sexual Health Education & Advocacy throughout Harvard College wandered around the lecture hall wearing a vulva costume.

At Saturday’s event, which capped off Harvard’s first-ever Sex Week, Levkoff spoke about the issues that adults face because they are not educated about their sexuality or are chastised as children for being curious.



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