Men Reading 50 Shades of Grey – Women Reading Bon Iver Erotica

Bon Iver is not a person, it is a band. The photo you keep seeing posted everywhere connected with the name is Justin Vernon, singer-songwriter and frontman for the band Bon Iver. Women or from what I have read mainly teenage girls reading extremely soft-erotica at a Tumbir site exclusively for Bon Iver Erotica.

Now men are reading 50 Shades of Grey to learn about what women enjoy reading. Hope they realize that is women – plural, and what a woman enjoys reading might not be her fantasy . They should ask the woman they are intimate with her specific fantasies, might not be the same.

I have read the first book, took 8 pages to get into it, poorly written, but still head my attention with story. I don’t truly care what gets couples talking about sex, if this does it, great!

Men are fans, too, of `Fifty Shades of Grey’

Associated Press


Dr. Mehmet Oz sees that potential, dedicating a recent show to exploring the books with an audience of women and, yes, men who have read them.

“This woman has gotten people talking about sex in a way that no one else could get them to talk about it,” he said Tuesday night from the red carpet of a gala honoring Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world – James included with the likes of President Barack Obama and Rihanna.

Are sex lives changing, marriages evolving?

“They’re not tying up their women. It’s not about sadism,” Oz said of men drawn to the books. “What it is about is people having an honest conversation about what sex should be like, what makes it feel better, what are the timing issues, how do we make it an important issue in our life rather than an afterthought. When the guys get into it I know we’ve got something going.”


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