Liberating Pleasure & Healing the Spirit-workshop-Reading the Bible with Sex Positive Eyes

My good friend Reverend Dr. Beverly Dale (Rev Bev) will be teaching a four week course, “Reading the Bible with Sex Positive Eyes” starting this Weds. 9/17, day after the Salon. Her courses are always well received and filled with myth shattering information.


NEXT CLASS BEGINS 9/17-10/8 -a 4 week course called “Reading the Bible with Sex-Positive Eyes”

William Way Center in Philadelphia PA. 7 p.m PRE-REGISTER at

The workshops and classes offered by the Incarnation Institute are based on the requests and usually customized to the interests of the participants. These sexual subjects are always presented through a body and sex-positive Christian framework. We have expertise in the following areas:


  • The Hook-up Culture
  • Sexual ethics and decision-making
  • Sexual diversity
  • Gender non-conformity
  • Sexual abuse
  • Self-image and sexual self-confidence
  • Women’s erotic empowerment

Sample Programs

“Calling Missionaries of Pleasure” – a program for those who are already exploring outside traditional norms that illustrates the crucial insights learned about body acceptance, diversity, intimacy and pleasure’s abundance are important contributions for a body-positive society. Rather than being hidden away, these lessons are good news to be celebrated and shared with others.

“Seeing Biblical Women through New Eyes: Sassy, Sexy and Self-Confident” & “Reading the Bible with Sex-Positive Eyes” — Both of these programs highlight the ways scripture is always in dialogue with reason, science, Christian tradition, and our personal spiritual journeys. This perspective towards scripture helps open us to fresh insights that challenge sex-negativity and religious rigidity as well as sexism and misogyny.

“The Hook-Up Culture: The Good, Bad and the Ugly” – a program for singles that acknowledges that a “meat market” approach to dating is only slightly less appealing than enforced celibacy. This non- judgmental program makes a distinction between objectified, cheap, and meaningless hook-ups and mutually satisfying, but ethical and compassionate relationships of a short duration.

“Introduction to a Gay-Friendly Christianity” – a program for the sexual minority communities and those people who love them. The focus is on inclusion and hospitality as hallmarks of Jesus’ life and teachings as well as a re-examination of the traditional “clobber passages” in the Bible that are used to justify Bible bashing of this population.

“Christianity or Polyamory: It’s Not Either/Or” — This program is for those interested in multi- partnerships and has as a key focus the ways scripture and stories of the early church can teach us how to discern righteous behavior — rather than simply obeying cultural norms.

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