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Should prostitution be legalized? Students resorting to prostitution to pay debt. Interested in writing an erotic short story for $3?

Recently the Op Pages (Room for Debate) of the New York Times stirred a debate with the topic, “Is Prostitution Safer When It’s Legal?” I have read several studies and am of the belief prostitution should be legalized. Safer for all.

The following responses were most interesting, not always based on evidence (legalized prostitution does not lead to slave trafficking of underage girls), but all raised some interesting points. Just a few of the article titles below, more can be accessed at:

“Labor Laws, Not Criminal Laws, Are the Solution” by Carol Leigh, Bay Area Sex Workers Advocacy Network.

“Criminalize Only the Buying of Sex,” by Max Waltman, Stockholm University

Doctors of the Night: Will Med Students with Debt Consider Prostitution?


Excerpt: Desperate times often call for desperate measures, and for students with mounting education debt, that apparently means selling themselves.

In the journal Student BMJ, Jodi Dixon, a medical student in her final year at the University of Birmingham in England, reports on the increasing number of undergraduate students who are turning to prostitution to make money. She cautions that the medical profession is ill prepared to address the trend if it were to spread to would-be doctors.

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Ghostwriter Needed for Erotica Short Stories

The website HiretheWorld advertising for erotica writers.

Excerpt from ad posted April 20th.

Project Description

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