High School Teacher Under Investigation – Used the Word “Vagina” During Anatomy Lesson

Why does this not surprise me? I can only imagine what they would say if the Erotic Literary Salon was held in their community.

Tim McDaniel, a teacher at Dietrich School, pauses for a photo on Tuesday in front of the school. Four parents have filed a complaint against McDaniel for teaching about the reproductive system out of a biology textbook.

Excerpts from Times-News:

By Kimberlee Kruesi kkruesi@magicvalley.com

DIETRICH • A Dietrich science teacher is being investigated by the state’s professional standards commission after a complaint from parents over his teaching methods.

Tim McDaniel is being investigated after a complaint was filed by a handful of parents who objected to how McDaniel taught the reproductive system, Dietrich Superintendent Neil Hollingshead said.

According to the parents, McDaniel should have given parents more notification about his possible controversial lesson content.

The Dietrich parents are responsible for bringing the complaint before the Dietrich school board. That also led to an investigation by the Idaho Professional Standards Commission.

The state investigation includes allegations that McDaniel taught sex education material in his science class, taught forms of birth control, shared confidential student files with an individual other than their parents, told inappropriate jokes and showed a video clip in class that showed a genital herpes infection.

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