Happy 7th Anniversary-Tuesday-May 19-The Erotic Literary Salon

Happy Anniversary to the Erotic Literary Salon. A grand evening next Tuesday, May 19th.

Press Release: http://theeroticsalon.com/blog/press-release-may-19-celebrate-the-erotic-literarysalons-7th-anniversary-with-erotica-author-i-j-miller/



“Vintage erotic art prints that depict female anatomy are delicious when tastefully done. This surreal antique botanical collage “lady garden” is composed of a strange rubyfruit jungle of exotic flowers in a delightful tropical botanical arrangement that mimics the delicate flower that is a ladies… tender undercarriage (or anatomical genitalia). I imagine this floral art print may represent the female anatomy of Mother Nature, a green alien female, a powerful Earth spirit, a fairy or elemental, or a sensual woman from Venus off some Star Trek episode. It is erotic surrealism at its finest.

“Lady Garden”, a giclée print of an original collage illustration by Marabelle Hincher.

2014 Strange Anatomy Series.

This piece has an antiqued background with a white border, but is also available in white for a more modern print look (here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/212305372/erotic-botanical-collage-lady-garden). And it comes in several sizes.

At the larger sizes, over a fireplace, it could be called a real “conversation piece”. It’s like, oh lord, it’s just right there in your face. A bold, ballsy design choice.

This is one of the most popular and most remarked on pieces from my recent show, “Strange Anatomy”, in which I took elements from antique illustrations 100-200 years old and re-collaged them as new imaginative anatomical images. Anatomy is a hobby of mine, as is Surrealism, so the theme blended perfectly. It’s not the only piece containing antique Botany, I have several others including one with Hellish Walnuts (Common Underworld Walnuts), one with a meaty bleeding Blood Orange, a surreal Peach, and a muscled Pear woman torso.

This piece features an anatomical “lady garden”, where the mainly tropical plants and flowers are tastefully arranged to resemble a woman’s genitalia. The pitcher plant is a particularly nice touch. It’s how I imagine the lady bits might look on a woman from Venus. There is a roman numeral in the corner. All of the pieces in this series were numbered.

Fill your eyes and enjoy, my lovely ones.”


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