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This is a must webinar, offered by well respected successful erotica authors/editors. “Meet The Editors,” M. Christian, Sascha Illyvich and Jean Marie Stine. Free Live Interactive Webinar, Sat. June 29th, 5-6:30pm EST.

Get expert guidance from writing professionals – without having to drive to and from a crowded, noisy event facility and with no costly fees.

Participate from anywhere in the world through your computer’s microphone, webcam, or text

Current and aspiring writers of erotica, erotic romance, and sexuality-themed nonfiction won’t want to miss this live, interactive, online discussion and Q&A with three highly successful editors/authors, hosted by Sizzler Editions and Creative Sexuality.

• Hear expert advice on formatting, submitting, and publishing your book; Develop and strengthen your writing, plot development, and characterization;

• Learn the most effective ways to market and publicize your book;

• Have the opportunity to ask questions about the writing and publishing process;

• Be able to pitch your own erotic story, novel or nonfiction.

Editors M. Christian, Sascha Illyvich, and publisher Jean Marie Stine will provide insight into trends and taboos in the field, writing tips and tricks, and advice on marketing and promotion of your books.

All three panelists are writers as well as editors/publishers, with several decades of experience to their credit, and are well-versed in the craft and business of writing. They will address topics and questions such as:

• Trends in Erotic Romance and Erotica

o What are editors looking for?

o What do readers want right now?

o Who is the best audience for your book and why?

o Is your book idea a good one?

o How do you create compelling characters?

o …and vivid scene description?

o …and believable, attention-grabbing dialogue?

o How do you make it sexy?

o What’s the secret to choosing the best title?

o Who designs, assigns and pays for them?

o How do you know if a cover is really good?

• Promoting and Publicizing

o What if you want to design your own?

o OK, so you love this cover – but will it sell your book?

o What are the best ways (and the worst) to build readership with social media?

o What are virtual tours, and how can they help?

o How do you get your book on review sites – or get reviews otherwise?

o Should you pay for advertising? If so, what kind?

o What about contests, giveaways and other promotional events?

o Should you sell your books at romance, fantasy or science fiction conventions?

o How do you submit your book to publishers?

o How do you find publishers in the first place?

o Should you self-publish instead?

o What kind of contract – and royalties! – should I expect?

…and if you don’t see your burning questions here, don’t worry! These are only some of the issues to be covered in this multifaceted opportunity to interact directly with experienced editors.

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