Eroticon 2012, Paypal to Loosen Grip on Erotica Ban (Maybe)

Paypal just didn’t think their banning of erotica through. The Bible would fall into this category based on their definition.

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The Paypal-Smashwords censorship saga took a new turn last night. After a long phone call on Monday, Paypal said that they might relax their ban and give authors more time to remove the content.

All this started late Friday night with an email. Smashwords founder Mark Coker was given an ultimatum by Paypal. Either remove certain types of erotica or Paypal would stop processing payments for Smashwords.

Naturally Mark had to pass this along to the authors and publishers who distribute through Smashwords; his email caused an incredible amount ruckus over the weekend, drawing the attention of TechCrunch, Slashdot, and other blogs as well as sparking a debate everywhere the topic was raised.

BTW, Paypal’s threats to Smashwords were just one of a larger crackdown on certain types of erotica. In the past couple weeks, several ebookstore which sold erotica, including Bookstrand and All Romance eBooks, have revised their policies. While it’s not clear that Paypal is involved in all the situations, I strongly suspect that Paypal has recently made similar demands to all the ebookstores.

But there is some good news for Smashwords. Mark sent out an email last night (end of the post). After the talk on Monday, Paypal is willing to reconsider the content they object to. It appears that Paypal has noticed the uproar over the weekend and might not be thrilled with the  negative publicity. So they are now willing to maybe allow works where the banned content is just mentioned, but not the central theme.

Why the revision? Read further at –

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