Erotica, Aural Adventures and More, Reminder-Tuesday-Nov 17 The Erotic Literary Salon-Live

Check your email – junk box, wherever the Erotic Literary Salon newsletter gets placed. It will be there this morning, Nov 11. Info on Aural adventures workshop and more “New Events.”


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This Tuesday, Nov 17 the Erotic Literary Salon-Live will be in Philadelphia. The press release says it all: – Hope to see you there.

If this is a style of erotica you enjoy – “What they found was not the warm, stirring seclusion of lovers, but a sterile isolation that stifled then stilled expressions voiced from hearts as it dried and wilted swelling statements from loins. Here, where there was no hope of overture, their longing to issue in concert a candid crescendo of lust disappeared.” – you can subscribe here to receive more:


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