Cabaret Administration Pizza Party Fundraiser! Sunday March 15

Cabaret Administration brings you some of the best Burlesque/Cabaret in Philadelphia; definitely worth the trip if you live at a distance. Philly has some great Burlesque and this is one I can recommend highly.


Cabaret Administration Pizza Party Fundraiser!

Cabaret Administration Headquarters 1730 North 5th Street

March 15, Sunday – 6:00pm – 11:00pm

This will be an awesome event to raise money for The Cabaret Administration.

We are extending this invite to our fans on FB! All we ask is that you RSVP as we are making FRESH PIZZA DOUGH!

Pizza will be 10$ per pie. I have decided that toppings and specialty pies(like mushroom truffle oil!!) will be additional $.
Basically, you show up, tell me your toppings and in about 15 minutes you have a pizza.
Everything is from scratch. You’ll never even want another pizza again.

One of the things we aim to do with the funds is bring Meagan L. Rumberger back to Philly to perform in our FTLF re-mount at the end of April. She performed the role of Claire in the premier of this show a year and a half ago and we want her back!

Some of the girls and boys of the Cabaret Administration will be on hand to serve you your pizza and other antics.

Massage therapist Donald Little offering chair massages with proceeds going to the CA!

There will be other refreshments available and maybe some other burlesque-y- show-y items also “for sale”!

Invite people! It’s a rolling open house type party! The more the merrier! 

RSVP – please

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