Tonight, May 20 – Bisexuality Focus of Storytelling Salon – The Erotic Literary Salon

Tonight, The Erotic Literary Salon-Live. Ray Simon, freelance writer for PGN – Philadelphia Gay News, wrote a lovely article on Terri Clark. She will lead the Tuesday, May 20th Erotic Literary Salon’s “The Talk: For Adults.” Her subject will be bisexuality.


Excerpt from the article:

More important, Clark is bisexual, an identity she arrived at a bit unexpectedly, after many years openly and happily living as a lesbian.

“When I identify as part of the community, I usually identify as bisexual,” Clark said. “Sometimes I will use the word lesbian-bisexual. It’s what’s known as a fractured identity, so a hyphenated identity: lesbian-bisexual. And the reason that I do that is to maintain a connectedness with the lesbian community.”

Given Clark’s personal experience of issues like physical attraction, sexual identity and gender fluidity, she hopes to convey the richness and complexity of human sexuality to attendees.

One way Clark plans to accomplish that is by helping attendees redefine bisexuality. Ask what bisexuality is, she said, and people will usually reply, “Oh, it’s just somebody who’s attracted to males and females.”

But that definition is simplistic, she said.

“It’s way too dichotomous and does not capture the fluidity and complexity of people who identify as bisexuals,” Clark said.

Read entire article: PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News. Phila gay news. philly news – Bisexuality focus of storytelling Salon

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