Atlanta Poly Weekend 2014 – June 6-8

Join me and some wonderful speakers at this weekend’s Polyamory conference in Atlanta, GA. I shall be presenting a seminar with Dr. Ken Haslam.


Dr. Ken Haslam and Dr. Susana Mayer, Ph.D.

Ageless Sexuality– While Polyamory is about relationships sexual expression remains a major player in family bonding. Sharing of sexual intimacy is key in continuing family harmony. As the Poly community matures, so too do its participants. Many of the early players in the Poly world are moving along into middle age and beyond. With aging comes change which sometimes challenges  our sexuality and sexual expression. Things are different — not better or worse — just different. And some of these changes come as a surprise to the aging baby boomer.

This workshop will explore sexual changes related to aging in both men and women, with brief lectures from a physician and sexologist. Then using a “fishbowl” format, participants are encouraged to share the changes in their sexual expression as they have aged. (You can also just come to listen and learn.) You will be exposed to different stories that range from poignant to hilarious. Do come and be prepared for a lighthearted journey into aging and sexuality. The presenters firmly believe “Sex should be fun and pleasure is good for you,” no matter what age your birth certificate reveals.

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