A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

I sometimes enjoy falling in the abyss of the Internet, especially when I find an interesting website. “A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind” is exactly what my morning needed. Filled with erotic stories, blogs, music and visuals. ‘Who am I?’ is written by site’s creator. I enjoyed the graphic the most.

Who Am I?

Me? I could be any woman. Possibly the woman you pass by on the street without giving her a second look or a second thought.

Actually, I prefer things that way.


I’m a mother. I’m a writer. I have a professional life that’s semi high-profile.  I  have a deep and sensuous carnal side that few have understood and respected — one in particular — and he’d like to keep his  private, too. But I’m a also bit of an exhibitionist with thoughts to share in a way that I hope to change the world in the way we treat women and value sex and sexual relationships.

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