99 cent APP – SmartSex™ – Confidential Sex Advisor

SmartSex™ APP recommended by SSSS Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

SmartSex™ is your confidential sex advisor. It’s always within reach and easy to use. It features shake games, answers to your questions, sex news and even a weekly poll – all geared to getting you smarter about sex! Be confident and in the know: Get   SmartSex™.

The SmartSex™ app celebrates the pleasures of sex while offering authoritative information, tips, and the latest research findings to help app users make healthy decisions and welcome sex more naturally into their lives. The SmartSex™ app is a product of Pando Heath Resources, LLC and was developed by two public health professionals with extensive experience in sexuality education. The SmartSex™ app reflects the value the developers put on comprehensive sexuality education to enrich people’s lives. If adults have accurate and in-depth knowledge about sexuality, they usually enjoy sex more and live healthier lives.


Games – Three fun, Q&A shake games to test your knowledge. Games on sex info, sex myths, and sexual health. Shake for questions. Know how you score.


Links – Links to a host of Websites that specialize in specific sex topics for added depth.


Sex News – A regular sex news update with links to the original source. Items will cover sex and technology, trends in sexual behaviors, and offbeat (or intriguing) stories about sexuality today.


Weekly sex poll – Each week a new polling question is asked of smartsex™app users. Answer, then quickly compare your answer to the cumulative results from all respondents. A new week: a new question and opinion results.


Key Information – Satisfy your curiosity. Search words, topics and FAQs on those questions you need answered.


Sharing – smartsex™ app users can e-mail or use Facebook to share info from the app along with comments.


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