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If you have not read the article about the Salon in yesterday’s paper please do so. Some comments have been added.

I truly didn’t expect it to read differently based on my interviews and some of the questions I was asked. For someone who is not as comfortable with this genre as the attendees of the Salon are, Lini Kadaba has written a nice piece.

Wish she had mentioned why my chosen mom decided to change from using her pseudonym to exposing her real name. She would have then portrayed a more accurate reason for using it. I know she was strapped for space, wish she hadn’t left that out.

Who cares whether I’m single or independent, there were far more important things to note. Perhaps the public gets off on gossip and writers feed their desires.

I agree with Riccardo Berra, his comments are worth noting.

“On the whole, a good article, but I think the author misses a couple of points. Regarding the use of pseudonyms, it’s not just fear of a spouse, but fear for one’s “straight” career. I write professionally and it’s clear from the “If it all sounds a little too weird” author’s comment that my concern is justified. The author also misses one of the principle virtues of the salon. Gays, straights, bi’s, BDSM’ers, vanilla romantics and dar, edgy writers all have a safe place to share our incredibly diverse modes of desire and attraction. Where else am I, a straight man, able to directly hear and applaud the life and loves of a lesbian poet? I’ve been a feature presenter and a monthly reader too. My 300 page novel is both literary and explicit. It explores committed relationships which are sexually charged. Just like real life. If it seems weird or escapist, maybe it’s because the rest of the month, we live in a culture that is not just a little weird about sex and love. Susana provides a little hypocrisy-free island. She’s looking to change attitudes. Judging from the tone of this article, she has a way to go. Also, although people come as couples and Susana is often accompanied by her 90 year old chosen mother, there are no families here. This is _not_ for kids. Yes, I’ve posted under my pseudonym. Can you blame me?”

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